Anthony Bourdain Gifts in 2023:
8 Essentials for Top Tony Fans

It’s coming: the commercialized holiday season is fast approaching. While we all have our opinions about the reason for the season and who’s missing the mark in their marketing of it, it’s a reality that gift-giving is part of the season and there are few better feelings than watching someone you love open a thoughtful gift and appreciate it.

I’ll be completely honest: I’m acutely aware that recommending products and encouraging sales is not exactly in line with what I think Bourdain would want this site to be. That’s why I’ve pledged 50% of all site proceeds to support mental health charities; I need enough to run the site, compensate the writers who are helping me, and inspire readers – but I also want to give back to help others who reach the dark place Tony did.

So if you’re looking for a gift to give the Anthony Bourdain fan you know, I hope you’ll consider this list helpful and purchase through the links I include. The goal here is to provide meaningful suggestions for Anthony Bourdain gifts that fans like me would love, so you can show you care and support his legacy too. Let’s get to it then.

This post was originally published in November 2022 and was updated most recently in November 2023. All the gifts I recommend are still available. If you see any that are sold out or unavailable, please let me know in the comments at the end of the post.

For the Purist: Bourdain’s Books on Audible

If you know and love an Anthony Bourdain fan, chances are they probably already have some or all of Tony’s books on their shelves. Filling in any gaps is a good go-to gift option, but an even better option is to buy them access to the three books Bourdain wrote and read unabridged on Audible. Here are the links:

Anthony Bourdain Gifts - Audiobook

For the Follower: “St. Anthony” Candle

Here’s another essential Anthony Bourdain gift – one your recipient may already have… but if they don’t, this is a great option.

I have one of these St. Anthony the Opinionated candles on my desk, and usually light it whenever I’m working on this site. It reminds me what I’m doing it all for: inspiring others to travel with an open mind and an adventurous palette.

Whatever intention the Bourdain fan you know uses this candle for, it’s a great addition to any fan’s private space.

For the Chef: The Global Chef Knife

If you’re looking for a less conventional gift – but one that is still well-known and popular among Bourdain enthusiasts –, there’s no better choice than a Global chef’s knife.

Anthony Bourdain endorsed The Global as a great knife for first-timers looking to invest in a quality instrument of the trade. We have one in our home, and it served us well for years with minimal sharpening necessary.

The G-2 8″ knife is generally considered to be the one that Tony was referring to, and adds the special kind of sparkle to the holidays of the Bourdain fan you’re shopping for.

For the Fearless: Presto Pressure Cooker

Lemme be honest: this is NOT something Anthony Bourdain would want to receive as a gift – nor is it something he actually endorsed.

Actually, he reported a great fear of pressure cookers, which I thought made it a perfect contender as a gift for the Bourdain fan who already has it all – or at a white elephant gift exchange for Bourdain fans.

This is a basic pressure cooker, great for making some of the many Indian dishes Tony enjoyed over the course of his career; pair it with a cookbook to increase this gift’s versatility.

For Following Tony’s Footsteps: Clarks Desert Boots

Inadvertently, Anthony Bourdain’s clothing and footwear choices inspired many people over the years. While he undoubtedly just chose items he owned and liked, the idea that one of the world’s most prolific and proficient travelers might choose a particular brand or item made those specific goods popular.

One such example is the Clarks Desert Boot; Tony became well-known for sporting these around the world – from the streets of Manhattan to sound stages to secluded spots in Laos.

The Clarks Desert Boot comes in styles for men and women; Sand Suede was Tony’s go-to color and perfect for any true Bourdain fan who wants to almost literally follow in his footsteps.

For the Stylish: Persol Aviator Sunglasses

Another great example of how Tony’s style became part of the parlance for his fans is with his sunglasses; watching through his entire catalog, you see his 90s style give way to a more mature, timeless look.

Once he found a pair he liked, he usually stuck with them and occasionally endorsed them on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, they became iconic for fans.

Bourdain’s favorite sunglasses are Persol Aviators. Over the course of his career, he seems to have sported both the 649 series and the 714 series. You can see him wearing them all over his Instagram account, during both work trips and his rare moments of downtime.

For Art Fans: Bourdain Quote Art

There’s lots of Anthony Bourdain quote art out there; most of it is pretty cheap. Nevertheless, I love a good Bourdain quote and always have one in the sidebar of this site. So I wanted to find one that wasn’t lame, to include on this list.

Voilá! I like this bright typography Bourdain quote art because it’s just out there – but it also conveys the sentiments that Tony brought to the world: sharing food is a bridge to understanding between people.

Whether you opt for the bright red version or a more subdued beige style, this is a nice piece for any Bourdain fan to hang in the kitchen, dining room, or office.

For the Subtle Fan: Colorful Collage Socks

I get it – these are weird and not for everyone. But there is so much garbage with Bourdain’s face printed on it in different styles and none of it is licensed I’m sure… I wanted to pick something that didn’t suck for those who like the idea of wearing something that reminds them to live Tony’s values without being so overt.

In walk these socks (pun intended), which are definitely quirky and the perfect stocking stuffer – pun intended. In addition to an artistic sketch of Tony’s face, there are a few quotes and some essential food items that serve as a motif for his life.

Best of all, you can wear these with a suit to add a pop of color or just slip them on at home when you settle on the couch to binge-watch an old season of his shows.

Do you know of any other great Anthony Bourdain gifts, or have questions about these ones I recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

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