Anthony Bourdain in France: The Complete Country Guide

Bonjour e bienvenue dans ce guide de la france et de tous les endroits qu’Anthony Bourdain y a visités… Okay, that’s the full extent of my French language, which seems to be about as much as Bourdain himself knew, despite being French by heritage. (By the way, I said “hello and welcome to this guide to France, and all the places Anthony Bourdain visited there.”)

Anthony Bourdain in France

Anthony Bourdain visited France many times, partly inspired by his personal past as a child visiting the country as well as his love of culinary history and its deep roots in various parts of France. Along the way, he traveled with and met fellow chefs, gastronomes, and bon vivants who helped him discover – and show us – why the French lifestyle and cuisine contribute to the country’s long lifespan and deep pride.

If you’re planning a trip to France, you might wonder where Tony visited, and if you can follow in his footsteps. The short answer is oui! The vast majority of dining and drinking establishments visited by Anthony Bourdain in France are still in business, and will welcome you with traditional French hospitality. Ready to explore France by way of the places Tony ate? Allons-y!

This post was originally published in August 2022, and was checked/updated most recently in August 2023.

Cities Bourdain Visited in France

Anthony Bourdain visited a number of French cities – and also a few larger regions. In this post, I’ve broken up the list to focus on each in turn. Starting with the cities, Tony visited all three of the largest cities in France – Paris, Marseille, and Lyon – and enjoyed the unique flavors each one had to offer.


Anthony Bourdain in Lyon Map
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In Lyon, Bourdain explores the inimitable heritage of Lyonnaise cuisine by dining at restaurants by some of the icons of French cooking:

He also visits Maison Troisgros which is outside of Lyon but well worth the journey. Be sure to read my full recap from Tony’s time in Lyon if you plan to visit the region.


Anthony Bourdain in Marseille Map
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The old port city of Marseille sits on France’s Mediterranean coast and has long been home to a confluence of cultures and cuisines. While not all of the places visited by Anthony Bourdain in Marseille are still open, most of them are:

You can certainly eat well if you decide to visit the same spots Tony did in France’s second-largest city.


Anthony Bourdain in Paris Map
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Anthony Bourdain visited Paris many times, making it one of the most-visited places in his career. He also ate at a lot of places during each visit – some 40 dining and drinking establishments were featured over the three episodes he filmed there.

As, such I’m not going to list all of the ones that are still open here, but want to include a few highlights:

If you want a complete list of the places Anthony Bourdain visited in Paris, be sure to check my guide.

Regions Bourdain Visited in France

In addition to larger cities, Bourdain often explored entire regions within a single episode. Below, you’ll find a list of the French regions where episodes were filmed throughout the course of his career.


After some debate, I decided to put together a guide to the places we know that Tony ate in Alsace, the region where he died. I did this in part because I personally love this region and have visited, and want those locations to receive the same support that other restaurants on this site do.

There are, in reality, just two places we know he visited: Wistub La Petite Venise in Colmar and The Winstub du Chambard in Kaysersberg.


With his brother Chris, Tony visited Ararchon and La-Teste-de-Buch on the west coast. This was the area they used to visit as kids with their parents, and the two brothers enjoy a bit of childhood fun and indulge in their nostalgia during their visit. Most places they ate are no longer open, but you can still order a bowl of fish soup at Le Bistrot du Centre which they both enjoyed in bygone years.

(As a bonus, Tony also visits Cafe Français Bistro in Bordeaux on his way to Arcachon, which is also worth a stop.)


Anthony Bourdain in Brittany Map
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Located along the northwest coast overlooking the Channel, Brittany is a huge region known for delicious seafood and shellfish. While visiting, Bourdain makes the most of it, and enjoys the bounty of the sea over the course of several meals at the following spots:

Everywhere he ate is still open today, which makes it a great destination for Bourdain fans who want to follow in his footsteps in Brittany.


One of the inland regions that wine fans instantly recognize, Burgundy is one of the regions that Anthony Bourdain visited and enjoyed several meals. While not all of the places he ate are still open, some of them are:

You’ll need a car to make a culinary road trip of your trip, so be sure to moderate your wine intake so you can safely enjoy them all!


Anthony Bourdain in Provence Map
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Named as the first Roman province outside of Italy because of its natural beauty, Provence is a region in southern France with varied terrain from the Mediterranean coast to the inland wine regions. It’s home to a number of unique dishes and cultural traditions, many of which Anthony Bourdain tried during his visit:

Be sure to check my guide to all of the places visited by Anthony Bourdain in Provence if you’re visiting the region and want to enjoy the same foods he did.

The French Alps

Last, but certainly not least, Anthony Bourdain visits the French Alps with his good friend Eric Ripert during one of the final seasons of his career. The two are there to push Tony out of his comfort zone and – of course – eat loads of incredible cheese. Here are the places they ate during their visit:

They also cross into Italy for a meal at Maison Rosette in the Aosta Valley when Bourdain wants a break from all the fromage.

I asked my travel writer friend Ashley for her advice about visiting the French Alps, and here’s her advice:

“The town of Chamonix in the French Alps is about as stunning as it gets. Located in the Chamonix valley at the foot of Mont Blanc – the tallest mountain in Western Europe – Chamonix is quintessential Alpine charm. Cozy eateries, a community consisting mostly of friendly hikers, and surreal mountain views make this an unforgettable destination right at the junction of France, Italy, and Switzerland,” she says.

“Getting here is simple – just a quick shuttle bus from Geneva.” (Unless you’re afraid of Switzerland, like Tony!) “There are more outdoor activities than you could fit into any trip. Famous as the location of the first-ever Winter Olympics, Chamonix is primarily known as a winter/ski destination. But, nothing is more beautiful and adventure-filled than Chamonix in the summer, an outdoor lover’s dream popular with day hikers, mountain climbers, and those embarking on (or finishing up) the world-famous Tour du Mont Blanc.”

Sold on making a trip to the French Alps? Be sure to check my guide of all places Tony and Eric visited if you’re planning a trip and want to eat at the same spots.

There you have it – a complete list of all the places visited by Anthony Bourdain in France that you too can visit. Have any questions about these restaurants, cities, or regions? Or do you have a correction for me? Let me know in the comments so I can help us all travel better.

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