Anthony Bourdain in Paraguay: 4 Spots Where Tony Ate

Paraguay holds a special place in Anthony Bourdain’s heart. This is mainly because the country’s capital is where his great-great-grandfather, Jean Bourdain, disappeared without explanation sometime in the 1850s. During his visit, he seeks to find some answers or meaning, learning more about his ancestor, but he also takes time to sample the flavors and foods the capital city (Asunción) has to offer.

Anthony Bourdain visited Paraguay to film season 4 (episode 3) of Parts Unknown; it was his only visit to the land-locked South American country. As in many episodes of Parts Unknown,

Anthony Bourdain in Paraguay Hero

If you’re planning a trip to Paraguay and are curious about the places visited by Anthony Bourdain in Paraguay, this is the spot to start. Below you’ll find a list of the confirmed spots where Tony ate, as well as a few unnamed ones; I’ve also included the foods he ate so you can seek them out even if you don’t visit the same restaurants and bars. This can help you plan a trip, or if you’re just a curious “enthusiast” and love learning about Tony’s travels.

Ready to dig in? ¡Buon provecho!

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Lido Bar

Anthony Bourdain in Paraguay - Empenadas

Lido Bar in Asunción has always been a gathering place. It serves old-school Paraguayan working-class food to people from every way of life. The feast starts with empanadas de carne, big envelopes of dough, filled with beef, onion, and hard-cooked egg and deep-fried to perfection. 

Unnamed Street Joint

Tony meets with a German immigrant. The two men sit down to discuss the insane amount of dictators Paraguay has had and demystify the violent image people have of Paraguay across the world. 

But for Bourdain, no conversation is complete without a good meal. They have Bife Koygua – rice with fried beef with an egg on top. And there’s Bori Bori a very old Paraguayan soup made of little corn balls.

Mercado Cuatro

Anthony Bourdain in Paraguay - Sopa Paraguaya

The biggest and most popular market in Asunción is Mercado Cuatro. Of course, Tony has to visit it for a succulent meal. They have a mandi’i fish soup, which is said to make men very powerful. He also has ñoqui with stew.

The star of the meal is the sopa paraguaya. Despite the name, the sopa paraguaya is a kind of cornbread made with cheese and onions. And yes, it looks like a cake. 

Unnamed Carrito

It’s late at night and Tony is hungry. You know him. It’s time for something greasy, savory, juicy, and nasty. So, he gets the legendary lomito complete. Combine bread, egg, some kind of meat, slices of tomato, lettuce, two sauces, soy sauce, layer each ingredient, and you get a lomito complete.

Have any questions about these places visited by Anthony Bourdain in Paraguay, or can you help me identify the two places in the episode that weren’t shared? Let me know in the comments below!

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