Anthony Bourdain in Portugal: The Complete Country Guide

Small but mighty, Portugal was once the most powerful country in Europe thanks to its expansive ocean exploration and colonization efforts. While the world has certainly changed in the 400+ years since Portugal literally led the way in “discovering” new parts of our planet, Portugal remains a small but mighty cultural and culinary destination in Europe.

It’s one of the many places that Anthony Bourdain visited in Europe, and well worth a trip if you’re a Bourdain fan who loves food and wants to eat at the places he did.

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This post serves as a helpful guide if you’re planning a trip to multiple parts of Portugal and want to know if Anthony Bourdain ate there – and if so, where. So whether you’re just curious or working on your own culinary itinerary across Portugal, read on to discover all the places visited by Anthony Bourdain in Portugal

This post was originally published in February 2022, and was checked and updated in April 2024.

Destinations Bourdain Visited in Portugal

During his many travels, Anthony Bourdain visited three places in Portugal and filmed episodes there:

  • Lisbon (visited once, one episode) – Bourdain visited Lisbon before it was cool to do so, back in Season 8 of No Reservations – and was perhaps part of the reason it became so.
  • Porto (visited twice, three(ish) episodes) – His two trips serve as bookends in his career, first in Season 1 of A Cook’s Tour and again in Season 9 of Parts Unknown.
  • The Azores (visited once, one episode) – One unusual trip, filled with less enthusiasm than some, in Season 5 of No Reservations.

You can click each of the links above to dive deep into every place Anthony Bourdain visited in each Portuguese destination.

Highlights from Bourdain’s Lisbon Visit

On his trip to Lisbon, Tony ate his way across the Portuguese capital, sampling the best of what the city’s culinary scene has to offer. That included Portuguese staples like Portuguese sardines, Bacalao/Bacalhau (salt cod, which helped the Portuguese become such successful ocean explorers), and bifana, the casual marinated pork sandwich with mustard and piri piri (chili) oil.

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Briefly, here are the restaurants Anthony Bourdain visited in Lisbon, all of which are still open as of 2023:

For a more complete detail of each restaurant and what Tony ate there, be sure to check out my guide for following in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain in Lisbon.

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Porto Highlights from Bourdain’s Two Trips

Bourdain made two trips to Porto, which appeared in three episodes: Episode 7 and Episode 10 of Season 1 A Cook’s Tour, and Episode 8 of Season 9 of Parts Unknown. Both times, he was mostly guided by his boss/former boss from Les Halles in NYC, José De Meirelles.

Together they eat their way across the city, sampling Bacalhau in many forms, loads of fresh seafood, local sandwiches like Cachorrinhos and Francesinha, and drinking loads of Port to wash it all down. Bourdain also attends two pig slaughters and roasts with Meirelles’ family, cementing his signature style of blending restaurant meals, casual dining, and home meals with locals.

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Here are all of the restaurants visited by Anthony Bourdain in Porto that are still open today (one other – Casa Aleixo – is permanently closed):

Personally, Tony’s trips to Porto sold me on visiting someday; if you’re feeling the same way, don’t miss my guide to all the places visited by Anthony Bourdain in Porto – with way more detail than this list!

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Highlights from Island Hopping the Azores

Finally, Bourdain goes off the beaten path, by Portugal standards, with a trip to the Azores. These remote volcanic islands were unsettled until the Portuguese arrived in the 15th century; it was the Portuguese excellence at seafaring that helped them discover and settle the islands to build the unique community and culture that persists to this day.

On his trip, Tony does a bit of island-hopping, visiting São Miguel, Faial, Pico, and São Jorge. He tries a number of unique foods and enjoys several home-cooked meals. He also highlights a few must-visit places if you find yourself drawn to exploring this otherworldly destination.

Here are the restaurants and bars visited by Anthony Bourdain in the Azores; I didn’t include any of the home-cooked meal locations since those aren’t available to the public.

  • Furnas (São Miguel)
  • Casa de Pasto, Flor (São Miguel)
  • Peter Café Sport, Horta (Faial)

Obviously, Tony’s time in the Azores was a bit different: the islands lack a lot of traditional tourism infrastructure (or they did when he visited in 2008) so there are fewer places you can follow in his footsteps today. That said, it’s still worth checking out my guide to Anthony Bourdain in the Azores if you’re planning a trip.

With that, you know all of the places visited by Anthony Bourdain in Portugal and can enjoy many of the same meals that he did. Have any questions about where Anthony Bourdain went in Portugal, or how to visit yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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