Anthony Bourdain in the USA:
A Complete List

As his home country, it’s no surprise that Anthony Bourdain traveled extensively within the United States; one could spend a lifetime in the U.S. and still not see it all. Tony helped show us the diversity and ranges of cultures and cuisine from coast to coast, opening us up to our neighbors in his unique way.

Rather than photo blocks as I’ve done on other pages, I’ve included two maps of Tony’s travels in the U.S. One covers the cities he visited and the other highlights all of the states.

U.S. Cities

Below, you’ll find a map highlighting all of the U.S. cities that Anthony Bourdain visited during his travels. This map doesn’t include regions (i.e. Pacific Northwest, Cajun Country, West Texas), but you can find those links on the relevant show page.

If you click on a city and it leads to a state guide (i.e. Phoenix leads to Arizona), that means there weren’t enough places in that city for its own guide, but you will find all the details of spots in that city in the state-level guide.

U.S. States

Below, you’ll find all of the U.S. states that Anthony Bourdain visited. In some cases, the whole state is highlighted when Tony visited just one city – if you click that state, it will redirect either to that city guide (i.e. Denver for Colorado), or to the state as a whole if he visited more than one destination in the state (i.e. Louisiana).

If you click a state and it opens a guide to a single city (i.e. Illinois leads to Chicago), that means that the city was the only place that Tony visited in that state.

If you don’t see a city or state highlighted on the map above, this means that Anthony Bourdain never visited that place. If you think my list has an error, please let me know in the comments below.


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