• Anthony Bourdain in Mumbai Hero

    Anthony Bourdain in Mumbai:
    1 Interesting Spot Where Tony Ate

    As the biggest city in India, Mumbai can be overwhelming for many travelers. Some 13 million people call Mumbai – known as Bombay until 1995 – home. Mumbaikars (those who live in Mumbai) experience a range of lifestyles from wealth and Bollywood glamour to abject poverty. It's also a melting pot of a city, with countless cultures and languages spoken. This is reflected in the diverse and delicious food scene, too...

  • Anthony Bourdain in Macau Hero

    Anthony Bourdain in Macau: 5 Spots Where Tony Ate

    In the Venn diagram of cultures, Macau sits right in the overlap. Originally settled by the Portuguese in the 16th century, Macau was the first – and last – European colony in East Asia. Portugal held the colony until 1999 when they handed it over to China; in a shocking twist, Macau was not completely assimilated and retains much of its original colonial charm, but far fewer scars than other colonies around the globe...