Bourdain-Inspired Lisbon Walking Food Tour Guide

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Planning a trip to Lisbon? Love Anthony Bourdain?

With my Bourdain-Inspired Lisbon Walking Food Tour Guide, you’ll be able to spend an afternoon and evening literally following Anthony Bourdain’s footsteps in Lisbon, visiting six of the same locations he did.

This guide contains:

  1. An introduction to Lisbon and logistics of the tour.
  2. A map – and link to an interactive version – of all spots and the route you’ll take.
  3. A detailed description of each stop and directions between them.

50% of proceeds from this book go to support mental health care in honor of Tony’s memory.

2 reviews for Bourdain-Inspired Lisbon Walking Food Tour Guide

  1. Jennifer (verified owner)

    A nice little guide with a suggested scheduled walk, considering opening hours, through each place Tony ate in Lisbon. It’s where he ate, not drank! I am pleased with the value of the information relative to the price. I own this particular episode and I couldn’t have put this walking tour together myself. It will make my 2023 trip to Lisbon even more interesting. Recommended.

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      Thank you so much, Jennifer! Have a great trip and bom appetite!

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    Your walking tour was great, thank you. I was able to hit Sol e Pesca and O Trevo. Being that i was traveling alone, I avoided the fancier places. I also stopped at any outdoor park with red Sagras umbrellas and live music, I know Anthony would approve. You’ve done a great job keeping Tony’s spirit alive with these travel walks.

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