The Layover

Somewhat of an intermission, Anthony Bourdain’s third show, They Layover, has a completely different tone and style than his other shows. Based around the premise that Tony should show the best of what visitors can experience on a long layover in various cities around the globe, the show ran for only two seasons, from 2011-2013.

Given the show’s premise, it is a great show for highlighting the world’s major cities – often the kinds of places that Bourdain generally didn’t travel in favor of lesser-known destinations and more remote settings. If you want to watch a show that has lots of actionable advice for the kind of travel most of us do, The Layover is the show to watch.

Here’s a list of all episodes of The Layover across its two seasons. Any links will take you to the specific guide to the places Bourdain ate in that destination. This page is regularly updated as new posts are published about these episodes/destinations.

EpisodeSeason 1Season 2
2New York CityParis
4MiamiSão Paulo
5Hong KongToronto
8San FranciscoTaipei
9LondonNew Orleans
10Los AngelesSeattle

Have any questions or comments about The Layover, the places Tony visited, or something else? Let me know in the comments below.


  • Ava Ciliberti

    A few years back, I followed AB ‘s Layover advice re: Logan Airport , Boston on a 3 hour layover to Phoenix,took a bus and cab to a tiny local spot called Belle Isle Seafood, in East Boston. Super casual and fun and mostly takeout. I sat with locals, at a tiny table covered in butcher paper , after ordering at the counter, and ate fried clams and fries for under $10 , with a view of the water . Time was getting short for my connection, so I hitchhiked back to Logan , after walking up to a woman at a self-serve gas station. Bourdain’s gypsy vibe encourages risk taking, along with culinary advice. Although I am now a senior walking on a cane, I was a solo traveler in Asia in the mid 70’s, thus do not get easily deterred by caution or fear . .

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