A Cook’s Tour

A Cook’s Tour was Anthony Bourdain’s first television show. It ran from January 2002 through 2003 on the Food Network. If you’ve ever seen it, you know it has a very different “feel” than Bourdain’s later shows. In it, he is still a novice at both being a television host and navigating his celebrity. As such, he travels as many of us do when we first begin exploring the world: haphazardly and often making many mistakes.

As such, you’ll see many of the destinations he visited during A Cook’s Tour were revisited in later shows; for a perfectionist like Bourdain, this was undoubtedly an attempt to “get the destination right.”

Here’s a list of all episodes of A Cook’s Tour across its two seasons. Any links will take you to the specific guide to the places Bourdain ate in that destination. This page is regularly updated as new posts are published about these episodes/destinations.

EpisodeSeason 1Season 2
1Tokyo (Japan)St. Maarten/Saint Martin
2Atami and Tokyo (Japan)New Orleans (USA)
3Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)Salvador (Brazil)
4Mekong River (Vietnam)Rio de Janeiro and Niterói (Brazil)
5Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (Cambodia)New York City (USA)
6Pailin (Cambodia) & Tokyo (Japan)Minneapolis (USA)
7Porto and Douro Valley (Portugal)Kansas City, Houston, and North Carolina (USA)
8San Sebastián (Spain)Sydney (Australia)
9Arcachon (France)Melbourne (Australia)
10Portugal & Southwest FranceChiang Mai (Thailand)
11Saharan MoroccoHanoi (Vietnam)
12Morocco (Cities)Bangkok (Thailand) & Singapore
13Saint Petersburg (Russia)
14Saint Petersburg (Russia)
15Oaxaca (Mexico)
16Puebla (Mexico)
17Los Angeles (USA)
18Napa Valley and San Francisco (USA)
19New York City (USA)
20New York City & Provincetown, MA (USA)
21Scotland (UK)
22London (UK)

*Note: I will not be publishing any guides to travel in Russia until the invasion of Ukraine ends.

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